Shoe Review – Adidas Terrex Low Hiking Shoe

Narrow, shallow hiking boots are usually difficult to find. The Adidas Terrex Low Hiker is a perfect match to this foot type. It is torsionally stable (doesn’t twist) and has an inflexible forefoot sole which you want, especially when hiking on irregular terrain.

Here is what the Adidas Terrex looks like from the top and side views.

The following images compare the Adidas Terrex on the left with the wider North Face Furry, Gore-Tex, XCR on the right. Notice the difference between the outsole width. The Adidas is much narrower and shallower than the North Face.

The Adidas laces also extend closer to the toes, which provides more adjustability in the forefoot width than the North Face.

If you have a narrow foot and need a great lightweight low top hiker, then this shoe may just be for you.

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