Narrow, Shallow Clogs – Sven Clogs

Physician and reader Eva asks “I have worn Danskos for years since residency, but have never been satisfied with them. I have a very shallow foot (but regular width) and have nearly sprained my ankles multiple times from the excessively loose fit. Can you recommend any brands that make a more snug-fitting clog for shallow feet?”

As Eva points out, clogs are a great shoe choice for people who stand on their feet all day. Only problem is, most clogs are too wide or deep for many people’s feet. It doesn’t matter whether your foot is shallow or narrow or both, you still need a lower volume clog than the typical ones sold.

If this is a problem you’re having you can always try the narrow Dansko clogs, which are much more shallow than the regular ones. Another choice are Sven clogs, which beat Dansko hands down for a narrow and shallow fit. Even better, with Sven clogs, you can customize the fit and look including base, color of leather and upper.

One response to “Narrow, Shallow Clogs – Sven Clogs

  1. I have a narrow foot and plantar fasciitis. I currently wear the Danskos in narrow. Of the Sven styles, which footbed would I need? Are there other brands that offer the same foot benefits as the Danskos in narrow? I went through cortisone injections, physical therapy and many other options before finding the Danskos in a narrow. They completely ended my pain, but I have to wear socks with a fair amount of thickness to make them fit correctly!
    Thank you!

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