Shoe Review – Asics Gel Evolution 4 (Men’s)

Trying to find a shoe for a wide foot can be a problem, especially if your foot is deep and wide. Many podiatrists tend to go with Brooks (Addiction) or New Balance (1123) which isn’t always the best choice. In fact, Asics Gel Evolution in many cases is a much better choice, especially if you wear size 2E.


As this image below shows, the Gel Evolution in Wide (2E) is much wider than the Brooks Addiction in 2E. It is also has a firm heel counter making it much more stable than the New Balance and much better overall for pronation control in addition to being lighter weight.

evolution_addiction evolution_4_medial2

Bottom line, if you have a wide foot and are wishing for sleeker design, lighter weight, stability and motion control in your running shoe, then Asics Gel Evolution 4 may be just right for you.

One response to “Shoe Review – Asics Gel Evolution 4 (Men’s)

  1. I just switched from the evolution to the addiction and so far I am not pleased. If you want good comfort and a lighter shoe go with the gel evolution 4.

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