Shoe Review – Asics Gel Frantic 4

This is the 1st time I have seen this  shoe and I am underwhelmed.


One of the things I like most about many Asics running shoes  is that they are generally well structured and stable which makes them a perfect choice for many runners. The Gel Frantic on the other hand is anything but. It strikes me as a Nike Shox wannabee in design without any of the rigidity associated with many of the Shox shoes. This shoe rolls up like a ball with very little effort and anyone who pronates at all would be ill-served by this flexible shoe.


In summary, I would probably never recommend this shoe for a serious runner, especially one  having foot, knee or iliotibial band pain.

3 responses to “Shoe Review – Asics Gel Frantic 4

  1. I share the writer’s comments on this shoe. I bought this shoe before a 10K run last year and ran in it. It offers very little support for lateral movement, so if one is a pronator, I believe it would only cause injury. I’m a neutral runner so need little support in that regard, however, the toe box is wide in this shoe so when broken in, my foot slid around way too much, which caused me to focus on my step instead of the run. After a few runs in this shoe, I started to develop shin splints, knee pain, then hip pain and had to take some time off to heal. So, for the serious runner, this shoe is not for you. It is a comfortable shoe to just wear around town or slide on after a workout though.

  2. I had those shoes after receiving them as a gift, and I totally agree that they suck. There is no torsional stability whatsoever, and the heel wears out in less than a month.

  3. I knew that this would be a terrible shoe when it came out, but I bought it for testing purposes. Not only was stability almost non-existant, but the shoe also fell apart within less than a month. Both the thin sole, and the flimsy upper were deteriorating. Amazingly, Asics still makes the Frantic with this same awful sole.

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