Shoe Review – Saucony Hurricane 11

I have previously reviewed the Saucony Hurricane 9 and 10 and Saucony has now released version 11. Overall I like the changes to the 11, but this model has even less volume than the 10, which may be a problem if you’ve been wearing this shoe for it’s roominess.

One of the changes I especially like though  is a thicker forefoot midsole which is great for added cushioning at toe-off as seen below.


The waist of the 11 is also wider than the 10 providing much better midfoot support and help with pronation.


My only problem with this shoe is how expensive it’s become ($139). Each new version is $10 more than the prior. At this price point the shoe is OK but better designed and less expensive, similar shoes include Adrenaline GTS 9 or Asics 2140. I even prefer Saucony Guide Shoe to this shoe in terms of overall design and fit.

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