Shoe Review – Saucony Progrid Omni 8

Progrid Omni 8 is a departure from the 7 version in that the 7 had both moderate and ultimate styles depending on how much stability you wanted. The Progrid Omni 8 is closer to the 7 moderate version in medial EVA firmness as shown below.


The other big difference is sizing. Progrid Omni 8 runs 1/2 size shorter than Progrid Omni 7. Therefore, if you’re used to wearing a size  10 in the Omni 7 then you will want to size up to a 10 1/2 in the Omni 8.  Below is a comparison length between Progrid Omni 8 W and Asics GT-2140, both in women’s size 8. The 2140 is true to size whereas the Omni 8 is not.


2 responses to “Shoe Review – Saucony Progrid Omni 8

  1. I just bought a pair of these… They’ve been pretty good so far. I’m used to having nike’s and usually I wear a 7 in those. But with these I got a 7.5 because the 7s were actually to small. The person helping me wasn’t actually that helpful, to tell the truth. I mean, I’ve read that these shoes are for people with flat feet who pronate. I have normal arches, and I tend to underpronate, or supinate. Whatever, these’ll work out well hopefully.

    • Nike often run small. If you haven’t worn Nike before or you are switching to another brand, you will always want to double check the size.
      -Dr. Shoe

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