Shoe Review – Zoot M Ultra Temp+ 2.0

JM was trying to find better fitting racing flats (training) and was recommended Zoot Footwear by a Road Runner Sports brick and mortar store.  According to the Zoot website, their footwear is designed by and for triathletes to be easy-on, easy-drying and easy-off. As a racing flat however, I was underwhelmed.

Although lightweight and definitely breathable, this particular model’s upper seems to overpower the outsole resulting in a sloppy fit hovering over an unstable base. A semi-curved last and an extremely narrow outsole don’t help either and at least for SK who has a wide foot, this shoe would be disastrous with any mileage at all, triathlon or track run.

And to add insult to injury, the quick-pull lacing systems cinch plate came apart after just one use requiring us to tie the elastic lace in a knot to keep the shoe on.

In the end, we went with Asics Gel-Speedstar 3 which I also reviewed

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