Shoe Review – Asics Gel-Speedstar 3

Finding a running shoe that works as a racing flat is not easy. Finding a racing flat that fits a wide foot is nearly impossible. Fortunately, Asics Gel-Speedstar 3 qualifies.

Although it looks like it should be narrow, the mesh upper has extra depth which makes this a great match for a wide foot.

Even thought the midsole looks thick, it’s made of soft EVA which is lightweight, providing shock absorption. All this in a mere 9 ounces.

What a great shoe!

One response to “Shoe Review – Asics Gel-Speedstar 3

  1. I run 30mins (6km) per day on a treadmill and I love the Speedstar3.
    Now I need to buy another pair as I will start to run on the street but now I can only get the Speedstar4 which I don’t have any feedback.
    anyone knows where I can get some Speedstar3?

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