If The Custom Orthotic Isn’t Perfect, The Shoe Doesn’t Matter

My area of expertise, aside from shoes of course, is biomechanics. I received specialized training in podiatric orthopedics and in orthotic evaluation and treatment. If you are considering custom orthotics, or if they have been recommended to you, you will want to make sure a thorough evaluation is done.

This video, although longer than my earlier videos, provides comprehensive information about how the custom orthotic process works in my sports medicine clinic. Understanding this process will make you a more informed consumer, and hopefully guide you to someone who is equally qualified to do this most important rehabilitation step.

Although many specialists make orthotics (chiropractors, physical therapists, and pedorthists, to name a few) they just don’t have the knowledge or training to be able to do this as well as a qualified sports medicine podiatrist – see www.aapsm.org for more. So it’s worth your time to not only find the best shoes, but to also to find the best provider of custom orthotics if they are prescribed for you.

2 responses to “If The Custom Orthotic Isn’t Perfect, The Shoe Doesn’t Matter

  1. Fantastic video! You really know what you’re doing. Nice job

  2. Dr. Sanders,
    If I could jump on a plane this minute I would. After many years having minimal foot care I am a mess! Do you have any referring collegues in the Los Angeles or Ventura County areas?
    Unfortunately my ppo insurance will be ending the end of the month. ugh!

    Kind thanks and help!!
    : )

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