January Poll – How Do You Choose An Athletic Shoe?

Starting this month I’ll be posting a monthly poll. If you have a few seconds, I would appreciate your vote. I’ll use the answers to guide future posts. Happy New Year and thanks for reading my blog.
-Dr. Jenny Sanders

One response to “January Poll – How Do You Choose An Athletic Shoe?

  1. Yvonne Delamater

    If I could have posted two choices in the “how do you choose an athletic shoe” poll, I would have included Other: Dr. Jenny Sanders Shoe Blog. Since I had to choose one, I figured that your blog was included under “Online Shoe Review”. I also look at customer reviews on and and the shoe reviews on

    I’ve used Brooks Adrenaline for ages and really appreciated your review of the differences between the 11 and 12. I’ll stick with the 11 because I need the extra stability.

    Thank you so much for your informative and helpful blog! You provide a real service in giving us information from your perspective as a podiatrist!


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