Shoe Review – Brooks Adrenaline 12 vs. 11

Brooks recently released Adrenaline 12. Although this is still a great shoe for the narrow, shallow foot There are some changes to the lower part of the shoe which warrants mention. My video below identifies the changes.

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7 responses to “Shoe Review – Brooks Adrenaline 12 vs. 11

  1. This video is informative and accurate. Brooks has completely reconstructed and reshaped the Adrenaline, most noticeable changes can be seen between version 10 and version 12 I think. For my foot, which is deeper and moderately wide, the 12 is an ideal fit! After almost 2 years of wearing a single pair of the 10s, my pinky toe was busting out of the mesh along the lateral border of the upper and I had completely worn out the tread along the bottom. In comparison of versions 10 and 12, I found that I had more heal slippage with the 10 because the heel counter is shorter and the upper is overall much much shallower than the 12. With my 3/4 length orthotics comfortably placed on top of the sock liner in the 12, I am held almost 50% better in the than I was in the 10. Despite the discrepancy in the cardboard last, I think Brooks Adrenaline 12 far surpasses many shoes being sold now, you just need to have a medium, slightly inverted triangle or rectangular foot.

  2. I have been wearing Brooks Adrenaline’s since 2008 (when I started running). I wear a 10.5 2E, up until the 12 the shoe has been great, I mainly liked how well my custom orthotics fit into the shoe. Starting with the 12, I noticed 2 major differences. First was in the cushioning, when I would change out shoes mid marathon training season I would notice a HUGE difference with previous models (cushion support makes the running sensation feel like you were running on clouds, when compared the shoes with 3-400 miles on them). With the 12, first time I ran in them, it felt like the foam was more compressed and worn out (even though they were brand new). The second and the reason I am not going to have to purchase a different brand of shoe, is my left foot, no matter how lose I tie the shoe, I feel pressure on the upper portion of my foot, which makes me believe that my orthotic is not sitting normally, or the walls of the shoe have gotten a bit more curved than in the 11. Last sunday I completed marathon #4 in the Adrenaline 12s, and for the first time ever the top of my left foot felt like someone hit it with a hammer (fortunately ice and aleve helped me remedy it).

  3. I think having a problem of my own with my right foot, I always find it hard to look for shoes that provides not only comfort when I run but also good quality that will last a long time. This review of Brooks Adrenaline makes me reconsider my previous choices.

  4. Just picked up a pair of the GTS 12’s, glad to see they had a 4E width, I have a wide foot.

  5. THANKS – i just bought the 2170 but will be returning it tomorrow!!

  6. Jason Wheelwright

    Great information–but video’s are not a very efficient way to get information (i.e., greatly prefer normal write-ups)

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