Shoe Review – Adidas AdiPower Predator TRX FG Soccer Cleats

Just had my first look at these sleek, well-made and expensive cleats.

All I can say is Adidas, what did you do? The concept is great (lightweight, yet rigid), the style is great (cool colors, streamlined look) but the back cleats are manufactured to sit uneven which will be a major problem for a lot of Soccer players out there.

The above image shows a new-out-of-the-box pair placed on a flat surface. New cleats should NEVER do this. In fact when cleats wear this way, they should be immediately replaced. Adidas Product Defect Department assured me that their cleats are designed level, however a trip to the Adidas Sport Performance Store in San Francisco, confirmed that every new pair of AdiPower Predator’s was manufactured in this way.

Here’s an image of a pair of Adidas F50 AdiZero TRX FG which rest level on a flat surface. This is what you want to look for when shopping for shoes.

If you are excessively pronated or experience problems due to pronation (instep pain, arch pain or inner knee pain) then you will want to steer clear of AdiPower Predator TRX FG . For this reason, I can’t endorse this soccer shoe.

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