Shoe Review – Asics® Gel-Kayano 18 vs. 17

I’ve been waiting for a well-designed pair of Asics® Gel-Kayano’s since version 14 — but I’m disappointed to say that Gel-Kayano 18 isn’t it. With significant changes to the upper, Gel-Kayano’s latest version will not provide the same structure or fit as prior versions. The following video highlights the differences, and prior Gel-Kayano posts follow the video.

9 responses to “Shoe Review – Asics® Gel-Kayano 18 vs. 17

  1. I (weigh 53kg) was wearing Mizuno Alchemy 10, tried these Asics K18 & K17, K17 is too steep, both are hard to initiate, the trusstic system is extremely annoying, my midfoot felt paralyzed. The upper is like full of airbags around, soft, luxury feeling but easily get hot.

    So, back to Mizuno.

  2. Been running in Kayano 16’s for a while. Took the plunge and got a pair of the 18’s…big mistake. The shoes broke down very fast and just don’t provide much arch support. Ended up with a fine case of plantar fasciitis, off for three weeks. Back to the 16’s.

  3. beautyofsweden

    Hi Dr. Jenny I tried Kayano 18 in the regural normal size but it was so snug and it was really gripping and hugging painfully to the metatarsal bone. I have severe osteoporosis is very young and active, have fused ankle and severe pronation. Injured sesamoid and two painful peas from where hallux brevis starts and ends. If I tries to flex forefot standing it hurts very much also the ´roll motion comes in an walk at the ballpoint. Cant go up to toes. HAve now got custom othotoics and have problem finding ringt show. Is Asics Gel Foundation 10 /tried the with my new ortos felt comfortable) something you can recommend? Thanks for any reply. Great blog and reviews and tips! I will do powerwalks in Sweden mainly;)

    • You have a lot going on with your feet and ankles. Getting orthotics is a step in the right direction, however, now you will want to go to a specialty running or shoe store to find the right shoe to accommodate the orthotics. As a guide you will want to find a shoe that is offered in medium and wide widths (orthotic friendly) as well as has an inflexible forefoot (sesamoid and forefoot pain) and doesn’t hourglass in (pronation control). Possible running shoe options include Brooks Ariel and Saucony Grid Stabil CS 2. Good luck.

  4. Hi Dr Jenny, can you recommend a women’s shoe to accommodate a narrow foot with a high arch? Most shoes are too roomy in the toe area and my foot tends to slide forward in the shoe. Also, I find that many shoes that fit more snugly feel like they are compressing my foot vertically but but are still too wide. I have pain in the ball of the foot and have also developed heel pain in one foot. Thanks for any suggestions.

    • I would try Brooks Trance 11, Brooks Adrenaline 12 and Mizuno Wave Alchemy 11. All three models are available in medium (B) and narrow (2A) widths. Although running shoe stores routinely stock wide widths, they don’t always stock narrow, so you may want to order from or for the best selection.

  5. Thank you. I remember the days when shoe shops routinely stocked narrow sizes but it seems that is quite rare now. I will try your online suggestions.

  6. I was fitted for 17s at running store. Unable to get 17 I went back to running store and was fitted for 18s. My feet are constantly achy. I am not a runner, just a plump mommy looking for an everyday errand running, laundry basket hauling, walking shoe. Wish I had seen this. Thank you for confirming it is the shoe and not a bigger problem.

  7. Hi Dr. Jenny,
    I too took the plunge and bought not one but two pairs of Kayano 18s as I found them for a good price. Big mistake as they have changed the shoe so much it is virtually unwearable for me.
    Is there a shoe that you would suggest as a replacement. My all time favorite Kayanos were the 14s but of course those are ancient history.
    I generally put in miles a week on a mix of asphalt and gravel fire roads in my local park.
    Thank you,

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