Shoe Review – Brooks Ravenna 3 vs. Ravenna 2

The differences between Brooks Ravenna 3 and Ravenna 2 primarily involve volume and cushion. Version 3 is deeper, has more volume and fits less snugly than version 2. Ravenna 3 also has a softer midsole, which is great for cushioning but not as durable as version 2.

Overall, Ravenna 3 is a great shoe, however because of the changes with version 3, you will want to try on and confirm fit prior to purchasing. Video comparison between the two versions can be found here:

Here’s my previous post on Brooks
Ravenna 2:

4 responses to “Shoe Review – Brooks Ravenna 3 vs. Ravenna 2

  1. So the version 2 is more durable and fits better. I’m not sure why they would release a version 3 of this footwear. It seems the line didn’t need an upgrade.

  2. Hi there,

    Nice review of Ravenna 3, I’m on my third pair and do think the EVA bottoms out too fast….the overall fit is great for me, but I’m looking for a similar yet firmer shoe, any suggestions ?

    • I would try Asics GT-1170 or Brooks Trance 11.Both fit the rectangular shaped foot well.

      Asics GT-1170 is more structured than Ravenna 3, but comparable in volume. Brooks Trance 11 is also comparable in volume to Ravenna 3, with more cushioning. Both have durable outsoles which should be longer lasting.

  3. Totally agree w/ your review. The depth makes me feel disconnected and landings mushy because I’m so high up. And I loved that midsole strap that made the shoe wrap my foot. Thanks!

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