Shoe Review – Brooks Ravenna 3, Part 2

I’ve previously reviewed Brooks Ravenna 3 but wanted to add my recent field review. Brooks Ravenna 3 provides a great fit for the rectangular foot. It’s lightweight and cushioned for the neutral runner who doesn’t pronate excessively.

2 responses to “Shoe Review – Brooks Ravenna 3, Part 2

  1. Great video, now I understand how you approach decision on shoe reviews

  2. I have put on about 800 miles between Ravenna 2 and 3. I’m 185 lbs and a mild pronator. I find that the 3 is too “shimmy” for me with it’s lack of torsional control. Although it’s lightweight and feels fast, I don’t like that I feel higher and more disconnected with the ground in the 3 than the 2. I’m switching out of these in favor of something with more structure. The Brooks Adrenaline and Saucony Guide have worked for me nicely for years.

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