Shoe Lacing – Narrow Feet & Hiking Boots

Narrow feet have a hard time when it comes to hiking boots. Most hiking boots are made wide and deep, making it hard for narrow feet to get a snug fit.

One way you can get the ankle support you need is to modify the lacing as follows. It’s easier than it looks if you follow each step.


1. Undo all the laces except for the 1st 2 or 3.


    2. Instead of crossing over to next upper eyelet, re-lace parallel and into the adjacent eyelet


      3. Repeat with side lace, same as above. Laces should criss-cross at this point


      4. Pull both laces snug


      5. Continue remainder of lacing as usual

      Now, the laces which would otherwise slide because the eyelets are loops instead of holes, are secure and snug.

      One response to “Shoe Lacing – Narrow Feet & Hiking Boots

      1. Good tip, I just replaced the laces on my New Balances last night and I was thinking it might be good if I could cinch up a bit more. I have men’s size 12 1/2 AAAA feet!! New Balance tells me I could wear a size 14 AA women’s shoe but they don’t make that for hiking. I could do what I’ve always done, get a B width and try to cinch the heck out of it…


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