Sole Design for Hallux Limitus and Rigidus

Hallux limitus as the name implies, is a limitation of the up and down motion of the great toe joint. Hallux limitus usually causes a bump closer to the top of the joint as opposed to the inside, as seen with a bunion. Hallux rigidus is a more advanced form of limitus, resulting in no motion at the big toe joint.


The bump is usually a result of bone spurring. The pain occurs when the toe goes up, which causes the spur to rub against the adjacent bone.

An inflexible forefoot sole is a must for these types of feet. Fortunately this patient’s running shoe flex grooves didn’t flex at the big toe joint. This is good, because it helps to reduce joint motion and absorb shock.


Unfortunately, his pair of Converse All Star kick-a-rounds, twisted like a pretzel. Definitely not a good idea for restricted joints.


If you have hallux limitus, watch your shoe’s forefoot flexibility. The greater the flex, the worse the pain. I have added another post about hallux limitus here

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  1. Thanks,

    I got turf toe last week 😦

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