Straight Lacing – Heel Slippage

This method of lacing is called straight lacing. For many oxford style shoes, this form of lacing doesn’t allow sufficient tightening in the set of eyelets, furthest away from the lace ends. Without a snug fit here, heel slippage will occur.


A better way to lace your heel slipping oxfords, is the good old fashioned criss-cross way. A little less fashionable, but much more secure at the toe end, which is where you need it.


One response to “Straight Lacing – Heel Slippage

  1. Ah that explains why I’ve never liked the way they lace up my shoes in the shoe shop.

    I have narrow(ish) foot (ever-so-slightly triangular), and it’s shallow, and I find it impossible to wear any sort of slip-ons. Has to be lacing or buckle. Velcro fastening is no good, as I have to fasten the shoe so tight that the velcro trails on the ground. Buckle shoes tend to require extra holes punched in the strap.

    Shops tend not to cater for my fit!

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