Good Dog, Bad Dog Walking Shoes

If you are engaging in any activity which requires prolonged walking, hiking, standing or jumping, you should be wearing

  1. A shoe that fits
  2. A shoe that provides support.

The owner of these Merrell clogs needed shoes she could get on easily, because her jumping Labradoodle, anxiously greeted her whenever she started getting ready for their walk.


The only problem is, the easier the shoe goes on, the harder your feet have to work to keep them on, especially if they’re too big. The end result is a happy dog and unhappy feet.

In this case – plantar fasciitis. Notice how the heel counters (back of shoe) are collapsing? This collapse is called pronation and pronation can cause plantar fasciitis. If your foot has pain, the shoes more than ever have to fit right.

One response to “Good Dog, Bad Dog Walking Shoes

  1. This is my exact problem! I am looking for suggestions to fix this now. Thanks for the great blog – it’s VERY helpful!

    Author, Domestically Challenged

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