Nike Air Zoom Katana Cage II vs. Nike Air Refresh+

I was helping a runner find a new running shoe for her narrow shallow feet. Her old running shoes were Nike Air Zoom and fit her to a “T”.

The problem? Her perfectly fitting running shoes were discontinued and she was forced to buy the men’s version, which were similar, but much too wide for her narrow foot.

Armed with multi-view feature, I found two pair of potential replacement running shoes, both in a size 10.


Once again, even though both shoes were made by Nike and both shoes were sized 10, they were not the same length. The Katana Cage was easily 2 sizes shorter in the toe box and one size shorter in heel to ball measurement than the Air Refresh+. The Air Refresh+ on the other hand was proportional and fit perfectly, just like the original Air Zoom’s.

If you’ve got a very narrow, shallow foot, the Air Refresh+ is a great shoe for you. It’s also got the + technology, so grab your iPod Nano and go for a refreshing run!

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