New Balance 645 vs. Brooks Infiniti

I’m always on the lookout for men’s narrow running shoes. Searching through I found the New Balance 645 running shoes and the Brooks Infiniti running shoes for a patient of mine. Both have narrow outsoles with the New Balance being slightly narrower overall than the the Brooks.


Next comes the upper. The New Balance toebox is deep, whereas the Brooks toebox is shallow which was exactly what I was looking for.


I also like the Brooks Infiniti because it has a firm medial (grey) outsole. The Brooks Adrenaline (not shown) is similar in upper design, but will be much less long lasting because of its softer the outsole.

The only downside with the Infiniti? The price tag. $124 on Zappos. com. I usually prefer a more affordable running shoes (Asics 2130), but if this is your foot, then it’s probably worth it to you. Especially given how difficult shopping for a well fitting running shoe can be.

One response to “New Balance 645 vs. Brooks Infiniti

  1. Ive been wearing Brooks Adrenalines and I just bought a pair of Brooks Infinitis. They didnt have 2es, so I got the regular fit. My right foot got a blister because of the way my foot sat in the shoe. So, I put my Adrenaline insole in my Infiniti shoe and, Voila! – No blister, no rubbing. My question is this: you say Infinitis last longer than Adrenalines? Why? I hope u r right cuz i can only get 300 miles max out of my adrenalines and during marathon training, thats not even two good months.

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