Miles Austin III – Get Some Better Fitting Nike’s

I was shocked last week when the July 26, 2010 Issue of Sports Illustrated arrived in my office. There on the cover is Dallas Cowboy wide receiver Miles Austin III, running down the field with holes in his Nike sponsored cleats where his big toes should be. Yikes…one of the faster ways to derail athletic talent is to wear shoes that don’t fit properly which is happening here.

Without seeing how the cleats fit when he is standing still it is difficult to determine whether there is too much volume and he’s sliding forward or whether the toe box is simply too short. One thing however is certain, having your toes exposed and unprotected is not a good thing, especially in a field sport. I think Mr. Austin’s trainers should give me a call.

One response to “Miles Austin III – Get Some Better Fitting Nike’s

  1. Guessing that is external wear from dragging toes on sideline catches.

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