Brooks Addiction 10 vs. Brooks Adrenaline 9

I have always recommended the Brooks Adrenaline for a narrow foot, but am pleased to announce that Brooks Addiction is also an option for a narrow foot. In fact, if you have a flat, narrow foot, Brooks Addiction is probably your best option.

Similar to the Adrenaline, the Addiction has lots of medial EVA which is great for heavy pronators.

It also doesn’t hourglass in at the waist which is good for flat feet.

Both models come in narrow widths – A width for women, B width for men. Overall, I am very pleased with the new Adrenaline as it fills a much needed void for the narrow foot category and at only 3 ounces heavier than the Adrenaline, the Addiction 9 is sure to please.

9 responses to “Brooks Addiction 10 vs. Brooks Adrenaline 9

  1. Hi there, I am very glad to have found your wonderful blog. I am a shoe addict and I really learnt alot from you. I really hope that you will provide more in-depth future reviews in the future. Thanks for everything and wish you all the very best in your future ventures.

  2. elizabeth gifford

    Your blog is amazing. I hope you continue to keep it up. We need more experts like yourself bridging the gap of misinformation of the masses and the underrated information you learn in professional school.

  3. Thank you! An excellent review of sports shoes!
    Brooks Adrenaline – this optimum combination of support and cushioning of the foot, it provides technology support to stabilize the arch.
    I use them to run on the sandy areas.
    I added an article to Twitter.

  4. ollie mccartney

    I tried the Addiction as a substitute for the Beast. Terrible idea. Although they look similar, the Addiction feels like a much less cushioned, less stable version.

  5. Thanks for this blog and your videos. I went to 2 shoes stores today because I have been having pain in both feet medially recently..Note I just completed my first marathon also…Both stores said that since I only had run 250 miles in the shoes I was fine…I was a little skeptical since I never have been injured and it did not seem to be a stress fracture although I am not a podiatrist..In any event I came across your video and sure enough my right shoe was not perpendicular from the was collapsed medially at the heel…I had no idea to check for this (and apparently the running shoe stores did not either :)) until I came across your video.

    Thanks !

  6. I was about to buy a pair of Brooks then I read this…if it’s good for narrow flat foots, it must not be good for me. What if you have a high arch and your foot is wide, which shoe do you recommend?

    • If you have a high arch and your foot is wide, you can try Brooks Adrenaline in wide or extra-wide. Otherwise, I would suggest the following: Men’s – Brooks Beast 2E/4E (wide), Asics Gel-Foundation 2E/4E (wide) or Women’s Ariel D (wide) or Asics Gel-Foundation D (wide).

  7. Hello there, I’m training for my first marathon and just bought myself a pair of Adrenaline due largely to Brooks’ web shoe advisor (previously running on PureCadence 2 with max distance of 10km). I’m 5’8″, 151lbs, severely flat footed but only with moderate pronation. After my 2nd LSD in Adrenaline, my arches are always painful, especially when I’ve run for more than 22km or 2.5 hours. Did I choose the wrong shoes and should’ve opted for Addiction instead? Thanks in advance, loving your blog!

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