Shoe Review – Brooks Addiction 10 vs. 9

Today’s video compares Addiction 9 to Addiction 10 and highlights the changes to 10 which may make a difference for you. Overall however, Addiction 10 fits similar to Addition 9 and still is a great shoe for the shallow, pronated foot.

6 responses to “Shoe Review – Brooks Addiction 10 vs. 9

  1. Awesome

  2. Thankyou for the video, it was very informative and the explanation was clear and precise. I have purchased Addiction10 and am very happy with them, though I would like to try addiction 9 as I do roll a bit and the extra strip could make a lot of difference.

  3. There was something else that I experienced with Addiction 10 different from the 9, and that was my toe “clipped”, rubbed up against the seam line on the inside top of the shoe. Going to a bigger size I felt too roomy. Since I was happy with the 9, I am just going to stick with it.

    • You are correct. Thanks for sharing this with readers. The toe box of Addiction 10 is slightly shorter than Addiction 9 (Adrenaline 12 is slightly short too). For most people this has not been a problem but for others it has. If you can feel the end of the shoe in this version where you didn’t in the prior version, it’s probably best to try a different shoe. If not, you should be fine.

  4. Thanks, that was really useful. The Brooks Addiction is my running shoe of choice – I’ve used versions 6,7,8 and the Walker v2, and I’ve just ordered version 9. Version 7 was my favourite – version 8 rubbed a bit more, causing corns.

  5. Elaine Fioravanti

    I loved Addiction 9. I have been experiencing knee pain from the Addiction 10-very disappointed.

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