Shoe Review – Saucony® ProGrid Hurricane 13 vs. PowerGrid Hurricane 14

***Spoiler Alert*** Saucony® PowerGrid Hurricane 14 is nothing like ProGrid Hurricane 13. As the following video shows, Saucony® has converted their signature version 13, stability shoe into a cushioned, potato shoe. This change will affect every runner wearing version 13, who requires pronation control and support.

Alternative shoes to Hurricane 14, include Brooks Trance 11, or Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12.

My previous reviews on Saucony® ProGrid Hurricane, follow the video.

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15 responses to “Shoe Review – Saucony® ProGrid Hurricane 13 vs. PowerGrid Hurricane 14

  1. Runner’s World should be this objective. It’s refreshing to have real reviews without editorial or advertising bias.

    • Hopefully, they’ll take my lead. Thanks!

      • So spot on…..and so frustrating!! Have run in the progrid Hurricane for a decade of marathoning. Trained in the powergrid hurricane and ran the Chicago marathon 2013, and have been sidelined ever since with a posterior tibialis tendon injury. These shoes are completely different. Aaaagh. Tried on the Brooks shoes; not comfortable. Any thoughts on the New Balance W860WB4 shoe which feels similar??

      • I’m not familiar with New Balance W860WB4, however when I checked it out online, I liked it. My only concern is that it appears to hourglass slightly in the waist, which Hurricane 13 does not. This typically increases pronation which can place even more strain on an already injured posterior tibial tendon. What I would recommend in this case is buying from a specialty running shoe store with a liberal exchange policy in case the shoe doesn’t road test well. Other current options include Adidas Supernova Sequence (Medium), Asics Gt-2000 (Medium/Wide) Brooks Ariel (Medium/Wide). Let me know if you decide to try the New Balance and what your impressions are. You might also try taping for your posterior tibial tendon, here’s my blog post how-to Thanks for reading my blog.

  2. Thank you for your review. It was really helpful!

  3. Hi Dr Sanders,

    is the Hurricane 13 more like the 10? Or the 9? I ran on these for eyars and years (from the yellow and red version) til I bought the 10. That shoe did not support me in the least. switched to the Omni, then to the ASIC Kayano but if the Hurricane was back at the 9 structure, that’d be great to know.


    • Unfortunately Hurricane 13 is not like the 9 or 10. Both of those versions were stability shoes (firm medial EVA) and the 13 isn’t. If you did well in Hurricane 9, it’s probably because it doesn’t hourglass at the waist (more midfoot support), and is narrower than version 10. I would go to a specialty running shoe store and work with the manager to find an appropriate fit for your foot type and running style.

  4. This review was spot on!!! I have ran in hurricanes for years; this year I was forced to give them up and try something new. The 14s were such a great disappointment and I appreciate this honest assessment!

  5. Spot on! Hurricane 14 started hurting my feet during my trial run in the store. Trance 11 was a better fit.

  6. Wow! What a useful review! Objective information that will be an extraordinary help as I make my purchase. I have been a fan of Saucony for years but so much for assuming that each new version (with the same name) is an improvement over the previous model.

  7. I’ve worn Hurricane for as long as I can remember back (20 years or so) and I hated the 14. Your review stated exactly what I felt. There seemed to be no arch, no heal cushioning and you can bend the shoe in half. I’ve searched to try to find a 13 on the internet. I went to the running store to try some Brooks and, probably because I haven’t worn anything else in 20+ years, nothing felt right. The Guide felt closer to the 13 but I’m beside myself on what to get. I talked to Saucony and it appears they have the 15 coming out by Feb 2013 but it doesn’t look like the changes are going back to the 13 and it’s more like the 14. Ugh!

  8. This was the most helpful shoe review I’ve ever read/watched. THANK YOU! What an incredible resource. THANK YOU (again)!!!!

  9. I just got out my 13s to compare to the 14s. Wow what a difference in a poor way. I have 200 miles on the 14s and my arch, forefoot and ankles are telling me they are spent. I am 225lber running 25 a week. Pretty disappointing. What is a good alternative? In the past I wore kayanos and got a long very well, but fell in love with the 13s. Are the 15s better or the same as 14?

  10. Could anyone explain how the Progrid to Powergrid change adds to this poor H14 performance??

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