Shoe Review – Asics GT-2170 vs. Asics GT-2160

For all of you Asics GT-2160 wearers out there, you will be very disappointed with Asics GT-2170. My following video review shows you how the 2160’s signature structure and support has been compromised, making the 2170 a much more flexible shoe. I have also posted a field review video of Asics GT-2170 which can be found here.

If you are a 2160 wearer you may want to try Brooks Adrenaline 12 or Asics Gel-1170 instead. My previous posts on the 2100 series follow the video.

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27 responses to “Shoe Review – Asics GT-2170 vs. Asics GT-2160

  1. Dr. Jenny,
    Thanks for this review. I have a morton’s neuroma and LOVE the 2160…it has been a godsend with my orthotics to help deal with the pain. I have 2 pairs that are in constant rotation. I moved from the 2140 to the 2150 to the 2160 without missing a beat.
    However, I purchased a 2170 model and it has never made it into the running rotation. Its now a walking shoe/kicking around shoe. I felt all the differences you mentioned…I will be moving to the brooks adrenaline when I need to re-up my running shoes.
    Thanks again for your insight!

  2. What a huge disappointment. I’ve been running in Asics GT 2000 and 2100 series for years. They’ve been consistent in fit, stability, and cushioning. I’ve never had foot issues even after years of marathons and Ironmans. It appears that Asics’ marketers finally won. Brooks, here I come.

  3. Thank you for this article. I’ve never suffered from foot pain due to running. I went from 2150’s to 2160’s and ran hundreds of pain free, fast miles. With the 2170’s, I can’t make it more than 3 miles without pain that lasts for a week. My recent 1/2 marathon in them had me believing I may have to stop running. Thanks to your review, I can confirm my suspicions. My old 2160’s are coming out of retirement and the 2170’s are going in the donate pile. And when it comes time for a new pair, it won’t be Asics. Thanks Dr. Sanders.

  4. I need your opinion . . . I have walked two half marathons and have put many km on my New Balance 760s (no injuries EVER). A month ago I decided to take up running and since I needed new shoes I went shoe shopping. Apparently they no longer make my New Balance 760s so I bought the Asics 2170s. In the last two weeks I have developed severe inner right ankle pain — sharp, hurts when I run and/or walk. I am going to see a physio on Monday. Now I think it is the Asics causing this. Any thoughts? I am really disappointed that I have not been able to run.

  5. I am happy i found this! I was just getting ready to buy a new pair of 2160 (would be my 3rd in a row…) i am a bit bored of them and thought whats really the difference? Now that i just read your blog…i am back to believing if it aint broke…dont fix it! I will just repurchase the same ole reliable 2160. Thank you.

  6. I thought I was going mad until I read this review. I have run in the 2100 series for years and have had NOTHING but issues with my feet and calf muscles since I brought the 2170 about 2 months ago. I suspected I just had a dud pair. I thought I had stress fractures in my feet at one stage, as well as a calf muscle strain bad enough that I haven’t even been able to run for 3 weeks. So I am off to find a pair of 2160’s online or try the new Brooks Adrenaline 12. Interestingly after 23 years running I have only ever beeen happy with Ascics and Brooks. Now it all makes sense. Thanks. I don’t feel so bad about buying new shoes tomorrow!

  7. Great article which confirms my frustration Asics design and manufacturing quality. I bought a pair of 2160’s in October and loved them so I decided to order 2 more pair from Holabird Sports. The new pair looked exactly like the old pair except for one important aspect, and that was the sole. Like most running shoes, the old pair had a flared sole that created a larger toe box. The outer soles on the new shoes were not flared and not as wide in the toebox so I had to pay for return shipping even though it was clearly a manufacturing flaw. Goodbye Asics, hello Brooks!

  8. Thank you for saving my feet! I love my Asics 2160s and am disappointed to hear that the 2170 is not even close! I will try the Brooks shoe – and hope they don’t change the shoe next year.

    The reasons I loved the 2160 were that I could get a wide shoe and not feel like I was swimming in them, they were comfortable, and they offered great stability. I have almost flat feet – not so flat I need the diabetic sneakers – but I need stability of some sort.

    Many shoe companies have lost their mission and are producing whatever is the latest “fad.” That is very sad.

  9. The first shoe I started running with several years ago was the Asics 2130. I can honestly say that the 2100 series shoe has been an excellent fit with my custom orthotics untill I bought the 2170. Wtih only 3 months of running on these shoes, I have never been able to keep this shoe snug to my heel. This has resulted in large holes being created on the inside wall of the heel area and blistering of my skin on my heels. I am so glad I came across your review and now I’am ready to pitch the 2170 model goodbye! Time to go find a new pairt of 2160’s so I can finish out the 2012 running year.

  10. Funny, I wore Saucony Progrid Omni and Brooks Adrenaline GTS12 with orthothic insoles, but upon my last visit to the local specialist store, was adviced a 2170 after running analysis. In fact, for me this shoe is more stable and delivers a more plush and stable ride than the Brooks did, although pronation correction is considerably less – which is spot on for my feet. Having no experience with the 2160 I can only say, two thumbs up for the 2170.

  11. I have run on Asics GT 2110’s for years but they stopped making them and I am down to 1 pair in my stockpile. I called Asics and spoke to a customer service technician who indicated that the GT 2170 is the shoe that replaced the GT 2110. After listening to this review I am having second thoughts in going with the GT 2170. Does anyone have any suggestions on a good replacement to my beloved GT 2110’s? I would like to stay in the Asics family but am open to any brand. Thanks.

    • Although not an exact replacement, I’ve had some success with Asics GT-3030 which is slightly wider than the 2160 and Asics GT-1170 which is slightly narrower than 2160. I would try both of these first and if they don’t quite match fit wise, would switch to Brooks Adrenaline. Keep me posted!

  12. I’ve used the 2 pairs of 2160s from May 2011 to May 2012. I really upped my volume this year and the 2nd pair got me through 400 miles in 4 months. I thought the 2170s would be a good replacement so I started using them early June. Now I suspect (along with the other problems posted above by other runners) that it is the root cause of my left leg’s ITBS. I’m going to see a sports masseuse to see if I have tight muscles somewhere (despite my daily foam rolling) that could also be the cause.

  13. I have a pair of Asics GT 2150’s. Can they be resoled?

  14. First 3 pairs of shoes were 2150 and 2 pairs of 2160’s, just picked up a pair of Brooks GTS 12, tested the 2170 and wasn’t happy, excellent review, spot on! Thank you!

  15. I have run in the 2100 series for the past 7 years, going from 2110 to 2130 with NO problem. With my last 2130s worn out after Boston this year, I went to the 2150 and have had constant hip pain (SI joint is constantly on fire!) I have never had this much trouble with a shoe. I loved the previous 2100 series shoes, and just bought 2 pairs of 2160s hoping they won’t feel the same as the 2150 – I HATE that shoe! And I for sure won’t go for the 2170 – thanks, guys, for all your good feedback about that shoe. Hope Asics is listening…

  16. I’ve run in 2 pairs of GT2150, then the GT2160 and as of the last week I switchd to the GT2170. I have logged only 5 runs of 30 miles total on the GT2170’s but I much prefer them over the two earlier models. Their cushioning feels firmer to me and that was a complaint I had with the earlier models. I was going to congratulate ASICS for the improvement though I see that others disagree.

    • Thanks for the feedback. Let me know how if you get the same number of miles from the GT-2170 as you did for prior models. This is where the differences will also show up.

  17. Excellent review – I loved my GT2160s and have recently purchased a pair of GT2170s. After less than 10 minutes in the GT2170s my toes were completely numb. These feel like an entirely different shoe from the GT2160s. I have always bought Asics but I think I am going to have to take these back. So disappointing!

  18. I’m glad I watched your review – was thinking about the 2170s to replace my 2160s. I won’t now. Thank you for your valuable advice!

  19. after my earlier posting regarding a decision to try the brooks adrenaline GT12 after so many problems with the GT-2170, the brooks Adrendaline shoe fixed the foot issues immediately, however the calf issue took a lot longer to resolve and was never really got back to normal, so was never quite happy with the brooks model either, they were 100% better than the GT-2170 but not as good as my old GT-2160’s. So managed to get a few pairs of 2160’s online. No idea what i will do once they run out. Might have to try the 3000 model perhaps as others have done. All calf muscle issues disappeared instantly after getting back into a GT-2160 shoe.

  20. I bought Asics 2170 in January 2012. After the first trainings I felt terrible pains in my feet. I hardly could finish the planned distances. I felt like having burning toes!! Unfortunately, I could not bring it back to the shop, the shop-seller didnt want to change it. As it was very expensive for me, I had to carry on to runin these shoes. It took 2 months until I got to used to them! It was a painful experience. After 2 months tough, they became quite comfortable, I’ve run a lot in them, very long distances, even a marathon. But I would never buy a GT 2170 again! And the inside scrim is not too longlasting: it has huge holes already. (My previous Asics 1140 never had this problem.) Now I wonder if the GT 2160 would be a better choice next time…

  21. Thank you, Thank you, Thank, you for this post! I seriously thought I was going crazy with all the defects I was having in my running! Everything that you mentioned was happening to me after being an Asics wearer for past 15 years!! I run marathons in them and couldn’t even get past a mile or 2 in these new models without bug time heel pain and other problems!! I will for sure be switching over to Brooks! Thannnnnk you! This has been driving me nuts for 6 months trying to figure out why it’s so different!!

  22. Dear dr,
    I wish I had have seen your article prior to me purchasing a pair of 2170’s. I had successfully transitioned thru 2 pairs of 2150’s and 2 pairs of 2160’s. on my first run with my new 2170’s I had to stop after 8ks to get rid of the rock under the pad of my foot. Imagine my surprise when I found no rock. I immediately called the supplier and he happily replaced them with his last pair of 2160’s telling me this was a common occur ace with the 2170.

    Brooks adrenaline here I come.

    Thanks a bunch

  23. Thank you Dr!
    Thought I was the only one, but it appears that many of you have had issues over the 2170. Ive been trying to see them through, but just cant get over a constant hip pain they have given me since I started wearing them. Ive since gone back to my 2160 and guess what – no more pain! Along with hip issues, I also had calve pains, which have also gone. Im now scared, what if asics discontinue the 2160, i’ll be left trying and adjusting to a new pair of trainers.

  24. I wish I had seen this review a month ago! I bought a pair of GT2170 as they were half price. I only do short runs (3 miles) but I go most days. At first I thought they felt good, very cushioned compared to my previous asics but after two weeks the inside of both ankles (deltoid ligament I think) hurt so much I could hardly walk let alone run. It’s has taken 10 days for the pain to go and yesterday I thought i’d try the shoes again and within a mile the same thing happened. Today I have tried my old shoes (asics gel galaxy) and no painfull ankles.

    I over pronate so thought the stability of the GT2170 would help not hinder me!

  25. Thank you for this review. I had 2 pairs of GT2160 which had worn out without any problems until I switched to the GT 2170. Yes it did take time to get used to them and they were feeling awkward during running. Did the half Marathon in them last February and paid dearly for it as I have never run without pain again and have missed out on a lot of running. It started from my ankles and crept up to my Glute and round to my groin, until last week I had to stop running. To be honest I did suspect that it was from the GT 2170’s but kept telling myself that the GT 2160 being so good, the 2170 had to be better. I am looking for the GT 2160 again and will have to try Brooks if not successful. THANKS, You may have saved my running.

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