Shoe Review – Mizuno Wave Creation 13

Mizuno Wave Creation 13 is a stable, well-structured shoe as the following field review video shows.

This shoe is torsionally stable, has a firm heel counter and an inflexible forefoot making it a perfect choice for those runners who excessively pronate. The generous use of mesh throughout the forefoot makes this shoe lightweight and forgiving where runners need it most.

The only problem with this shoe is it runs 1/2 size long based on heel-to-ball length with a correspondingly short toe box, so you will want to be careful when evaluating size. Other than that, Wave Creation 13 is a great shoe.

2 responses to “Shoe Review – Mizuno Wave Creation 13

  1. What shoes are you wearing in this video Dr.? I have Metarsalgia in both feet more the the right and I was a 2160 wearer. Seems like the softer the midsole the more I feel the lump under the 2nd MPJ. I with I could make an appointment with you. Seems no Podiatrists and I have seen 5 so far have any concern for footwear, they are all glorified orthodic salesmen. The toughest part for the patient is the hunt for the right wook boot or the right sneaker. Those kids in your videos are very lucky to have you in the store with them! Love your videos!

    • My shoes are Mizuno Wave Alchemy 11 which unfortunately with version 12, don’t fit the same. Typically, the more flexible the midsole, the more pain you will experience from metatarsalgia. In addition to an inflexible forefoot you will want to make sure you shoe fits correctly heel-to-ball as improper length can also contribute to metatarsalgia. Since you have custom orthotics and they have not helped, I would push for an MRI to better evaluate structure, especially if xrays have been unremarkable. It can be difficult and frustrating to locate a podiatrist to help, as we are not trained in shoes. My advice is, keep going until you find someone who can properly diagnose and treat you. This video may help direct you. Best of luck and thanks for reading my blog.

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