Shoe Review – Dansko Clogs

Dansko clogs are great for lots of painful foot conditions providing your foot is the right type. If you have pain in the balls of your feet (metatarsalgia), Dansko clogs are terrific because they don’t flex. People having plantar fasciitis (arch/heel pain), can also benefit from Dansko clogs, because of their built in arch support and torsional stability.

However, if you have a narrow or shallow foot, then this is not the shoe for you. Even if you buy the narrow width version, they will generally still be too deep, for a narrow foot.

If on the other hand you have a wide foot or a medium height arch, then this is a great shoe for you.

The following young woman came into my office today having plantar fasciitis, wearing Dansko clogs. Even though she has a wide forefoot, her overall foot depth is flat and shallow. In her case, she was swimming in the clogs, especially on the right side, which had the arch pain.


Because of the excess room and heel slippage she was experiencing in the above Dansko clogs, I showed her several pair of non-Dansko clogs on Zappos. com, that will give her the extra height she’s looking for, without adding excess depth in the vamp.

13 responses to “Shoe Review – Dansko Clogs

  1. Could you please suggest clogs/shoes for someone with a narrow foot that has plantar fasciitis?

  2. My daughter, who has narrow but long feet, has the same problem with Dansko, which does not offer differing widths for its clogs. Birkenstock does, and narrow width Birks work better for her.

    You’re right, Danskos (and Sanitas, which are identical) are great looking and comfortable shoes for most people. I’m wearing a pair right now.

  3. I just bought some professional leather Sanita shoes and even though they wear like clogs, they do have a back. My understanding is that your heel is not supposed to rub on that back which was hard for me to believe. However, I have been wearing them inside my house today to see how they work and it’s true. I bought the Narrow size and am pleased so far. I have such a hard time finding shoes to fit but I think these will be great once I get used to the higher platform.

  4. I have high arches and Dansko clogs are great for me. But, yes, some friends with narrow feet complain about them and go for other brands instead. Nice blog, Dr. Shoe!!

  5. My girlfriend is looking into a pair of clogs. I think Sanita and Dansko make narrow sizes now. Also, looking at the picture, is it healthy to wear them without socks?

  6. I’ve seen this with Danskos/Sanitas. Narrow versions work better. I feel that the clogs are comfortable. A young lady asked be about the leather dye that had transfered to her soles of her feet. The dye had turned her skin black around the heels and around her toes. She wore them most of the time, she said. Her feet must sweat enough to transfer the dye from the footbed to her skin. Have you seen this before. Has anyone had problems with the dye from the clogs?

    • I also have had a problem with my Sanita clogs staining my toes black. It started about two months after I got them. I wear them daily. I’ve been trying to figure out how to fix the problem.

  7. After wearing a pair of Dansko clogs for several months on my narrow feet, I had to stop. The top of my feet were black and blue from the excess space between my skin and the leather. Socks did not help. Also, the raised bump of the shoe wear the ball of your foot lie, caused such a problem that I can no longer wear heels or wedges of any height. Very disapointed…

    • Unfortunately, Dansko clogs do not always fit the narrow foot. Especially when the foot is narrow and shallow. Although Dansko does offer some of their styles in narrow widths, if there is still a significant gap in the vamp (top) area of the shoe, then irritation will occur.

  8. I love Danskos. I have a narrower heel than toe, and Plantar Fasciitis in my right foot and recently started to get it in the left foot. If you have PF, you know the horror of this circumstance.The only clogs I can wear, though, are the Ingrids, which have a “sling back” strap that can be brought down to hug the back of my foot. I also love Dansko styles that are the mary-jane type shoe–including Ainsley, Abby, Harlow (with a wide, comfortable strap), and the new Jute Mary Janes. I had tried many different (expensive) tennis shoes, including a Asics Gel which cost me $135 — and added in a $40 Superfeet insole that I got at FootSmart… no matter, my feet still suffered from Plantar Fasciitis. So, in addition to seeking treatment with a doc, a podiatrist, and a physical therapist (and doing anti-inflammatory medication), daily stretches, and icing 3 x a day, the Danskos are SAVING my feet! If you can’t wear clogs, don’t lose heart. Check out the Danskos with sling backs and their mary janes. You may freak out at the price, but once you get Plantar Fasciitis, you may be viritually CRIPPLED for months–so spending a hundred dollars or more on shoes won’t seem like so much. Also, remember that online retailers like have a 15% sale on Danskos right now (and that’s pretty rare). Most retailers do NOT do discount or coupon codes for Danskos. They’re nearly always an exception. Good luck everyone! My empathy for others with PF…

  9. Has anyone with hallux rgidus been able to wear the Dansko professional clog? I tried some on this weekend, but am not sure they will work for this foot condition.

  10. This is informative, but what are those other shoe brands or people with narrow feet? At this point, dansko or sanita are the only shoes I can wear with no metatarsal pain, but my feet are extremely narrow, so I can’t find ones that will fit my feet. I would love it if you could please provide those other brands that I can purchase. Thank you.

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