Shoe Review – Mizuno Wave Inspire 8

One of my least favorite shoes this season. Although Wave Inspire 8 provides great support and structure, it’s oddly narrow in the forefoot and wide in the rearfoot. This design makes Wave Inspire 8 incompatible with a normal foot type, as the following field research video highlights.

6 responses to “Shoe Review – Mizuno Wave Inspire 8

  1. Dr Sanders, many thanks for all your very informative vids. I learnt so much about running shoes since subscribing to your blog. I was wondering if you could do a video (or two) about orthotics for runners (both custom and over the counter). Best regards.

  2. Great review

  3. I’m wondering if you even tried on the Inspire 8, because your criticisms are the exact opposite of my experiences in this shoe.

    I take a men’s US10, and have used the Inspire since version 6 because the narrow heel suits my foot! I get heel slip in all the US shoes (Brooks, New Balance etc), but find the Inspire 8’s heel very snug – to the point where I can wear it unlaced without heel slip. No way could I do that in any of the numerous Brooks shoes I’ve owned.

    The forefoot in the Inspire 8 is a bit narrower than previous versions I wore (6 & 7), but no worse than D fittings in my many Brooks. Also, you don’t mention that the Inspire is available in EE width in addition to the std D (plus women’s equivalent sizes) if the D fitting is too narrow.

    I usually enjoy and concur with your reviews but this one seems way, way off base.

    • I’m pleased that the Inspire 8 fits your foot and by all means first and foremost, if you have found success with how a shoe fits, you should continue wearing it. My experience with the Inspire however, is that it doesn’t have as universal of a fit as many of the other shoes (Mizuno included) that I review. I also don’t know if US models fit and are sized exactly the same as AU models. I would hope so, but can’t say for sure. Thanks for reading my blog.

  4. I really enjoy your reviews and have learned alot about how to shop for and evaluate shoes from your blog. I recently purchased the Mizuno Inspire 8 after a spending 30 minutes at my local running store evaluating my gait and trying several different shoes. The shoe fits well – I especially like the snug heal fit. I have a narrow, shallow foot and usually have trouble finding shoes that fit – especially in the heel. I have been wearing Brooks Adrenalin for the last several years because they fit so well and I was fitted for a support shoe in the past based on my flat feet. However, I have had several injuries over the last few years. I went in to the store to try the Mizuno Nirvana but quickly determined that it offered too much pronation correction and threw my weight to the outer part of my foot. Wear on the Adrenalin indicated the same from that shoe – too much correction. Although my feet are flat, I don’t pronate very much and only need minimal to moderate support. So far the Inspire feels great and happens to fit my foot well.

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