Shoe Review – Asics Gel Foundation 10 Field Review

I recently compared Asics Gel Foundation 10 to version 9.

As the following field review of Asics Gel Foundation 10 highlights, this is one of my favorite shoes this season. It’s lightweight, yet structured and although it is no longer offered in narrow — medium and wide widths still provide a great fit.

2 responses to “Shoe Review – Asics Gel Foundation 10 Field Review

  1. I like the Asics Gel Foundation 10 over 9, wearing custom ortho´s inside. They feel somehow too unstable like my foot is twisting inwards in the middle section but not like pronating the heel but the top and ankle of the foot is torsioning. What is the difference in the new Foundation 11 vs 10, I know 11 is lighter but other that that? Can I alter my Foundation 10 like better lacing technique? Thanks for previous help, its been a pleasure to finally walk in comfort!

    • Asics Gel-Foundation 9 is more shallow and has less volume than version 10. Fortunately, it sounds like version 10 is a much better fit for you. Version 11 has not been released yet.

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