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Shoe Review – Asics Gel-1170

Asics Gel-1170 is a great shoe for those runners having a shallow foot, who need maximum support. Although this shoe is also available in medium and wide widths, it’s most compatible with the narrow foot. It is also a viable replacement for Asics GT-2160, narrow width, as the following field research video shows.

Shoe Review – Mizuno® Wave Nirvana 8, Part 2

I’ve previously reviewed Mizuno® Wave Nirvana 8 but wanted to add my recent field review as well. Important note — this version runs approximately 1/2 size smaller than the listed size, so you will want to evaluate length when assessing fit.

I like this shoe, however, it won’t work for every foot type as the following field research shows.

Shoe Review – Brooks Ravenna 3, Part 2

I’ve previously reviewed Brooks Ravenna 3 but wanted to add my recent field review. Brooks Ravenna 3 provides a great fit for the rectangular foot. It’s lightweight and cushioned for the neutral runner who doesn’t pronate excessively.

Shoe Review – Saucony ProGrid Omni 11

ProGrid Omni has always been a solid shoe. For the past several versions, it has offered a rectangular shape and significant anti-pronation control — including a firm medial midsole, firm heel counter, and torsional stability.

Version 11, however, has reduced pronation control due to increased midsole cushioning (thickness) and less torsional stability.

This makes for a comfortable shoe with a trade-off in less durability and faster wear. In addition to the change from support to cushioning, the upper has also changed from a more fitted style to a more boxy style with a deeper toe-box. For some runners, this may predispose them to a less secure fit than previous models as the following field research shows.

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Shoe Review – Brooks Adrenaline GTX Trail Running Shoe

Brooks has done it again, with the introduction  of the Adrenaline GTX, all terrain, trail shoe.

Adrenaline GTX is more rugged than Adrenaline ASR due to the Gore-Tex, waterproof, upper membrane. This shoe is also extremely stable, which is especially helpful during muddy or wet running conditions.

Additional features are highlighted in the following video.

Shoe Review – Asics Gel Foundation 10

Asics Gel Foundation 10 is similar to version 9 in that it is highly structured and torsionally stable, with a firm heel counter and an inflexible forefoot.

The differences between version 10 and version 9 have to do with volume. Version 9 was available in narrow, whereas version 10 isn’t. Version 9 was also more shallow than version 10 which will affect those runners who choose this shoe based on volume.

For all other runners, as the following video shows — this remains a great shoe.

Shoe Review – Mizuno Wave Alchemy 11 vs. 12

Mizuno Wave Alchemy 11 is one of my favorite shoes. It’s supportive and structured without being heavy. Wave Alchemy 12 is equally supportive — but runs narrower than version 11 as the following video shows.

Shoe Review – Brooks Ravenna 3 vs. Ravenna 2

The differences between Brooks Ravenna 3 and Ravenna 2 primarily involve volume and cushion. Version 3 is deeper, has more volume and fits less snugly than version 2. Ravenna 3 also has a softer midsole, which is great for cushioning but not as durable as version 2.

Overall, Ravenna 3 is a great shoe, however because of the changes with version 3, you will want to try on and confirm fit prior to purchasing. Video comparison between the two versions can be found here:

Here’s my previous post on Brooks
Ravenna 2:

Shoe Review – Asics Gel-3030

Asics Gel-3030 fills a much needed void left by Asics GT-2160. Torsionally stable, with a firm heel counter and an inflexible forefoot, Asics Gel-3030 is  an ideal shoe for those runners wanting serious support or pronation control. The only downside — it’s only available in medium width. Apart from that, it’s one of my favorite Asics shoes this season.

Shoe Review – Asics Gel-Nimbus® 13

Asics Gel-Nimbus® 13 is a great shoe for those runners looking for premium cushioning and shock absorption. Lightweight, yet supportive, Asics upgraded version 13 will provide a comfortable, stable ride.

Shoe Review – Asics® Gel-Nimbus 13 in Different Colors

Reader Paula asks —

Although you haven’t reviewed the Asics Gel Nimbus 13 for women, I wanted to comment on it, since I’ve had a strange experience. I bought a pair about a year ago in the Lightning/White/Magenta color, size 10 M. They were very cushioned and fit pretty snugly. Just a month ago, I replaced them with another pair of Asic Gel Nimbus 13 in the exact same size, but this time I got the White/Lightning/Turquoise color. The new color fits differently and has less cushioning! It is wider and deeper, and the sole feels harder. The magenta ones felt like running on marshmallows, and the turquoise ones don’t have the same spring. They are really uncomfortable. Can you shed any light on this? Do shoe companies change the construction of the shoes based on color? This seems crazy to me.

Concerned that Paula’s question might be true, I tracked down Asics Gel-Nimbus 13 in both colors. Imagine my surprise when I discovered the shoes were slightly different even though they had the same name. Hopefully, this is just an aberration due to different manufacturing facilities and nothing to worry about. Otherwise, we’re all in trouble as there will be no consistency even within the same version of shoe. Here’s my video analysis of the same model shoe in two different colors.

Shoe Review – Asics® Gel-Kayano 18 vs. 17

I’ve been waiting for a well-designed pair of Asics® Gel-Kayano’s since version 14 — but I’m disappointed to say that Gel-Kayano 18 isn’t it. With significant changes to the upper, Gel-Kayano’s latest version will not provide the same structure or fit as prior versions. The following video highlights the differences, and prior Gel-Kayano posts follow the video.

Shoe Review – Nike® Zoom Structure Triax+ 15

Nike® Zoom Structure Triax has been a favorite of mine for several years, and version 15 is my favorite yet. Cushioned, yet stable, this shoe works for the runner who is looking for pronation control in a lightweight shoe.

Shoe Review – Mizuno® Wave Nirvana 8

Mizuno® has debuted some great shoes this season and Wave Nirvana 8 is no exception.

Supportive, yet lightweight, Wave Nirvana 8 has lower volume (narrow, shallow) than most shoes in this category (Brooks® Beast) which fits an important need for many runners out there. Although this shoe won’t work for everyone, if this shoe is a match to your foot type, you won’t be disappointed.

Shoe Review – Brooks® Trance 11 vs. 10

I’m a fan of Brooks® Trance, and version 11 is no exception. Although lightweight, Trance 11 still provides plenty of pronation control and support. Runners will also appreciate the more fitted instep and shallower toe box, compared to version 10. This is one of my favorite shoes this season.

Here’s a link to my previous Trance 10 shoe review

Shoe Review – Specialized© Expert Road Cycling Shoes

It can be a challenge to find a cycling shoe wide enough to accommodate a bunion. A patient came in today with Specialized© Expert Road cycling shoe, which has mesh in the forefoot, making it not only lightweight but ideal for a bunion as well.

This shoe runs wide, but if you still need a little more forefoot room you can always remove the leather overlying the mesh, since this is simply stitched on.

This shoe will also accommodate an orthotic. $200 suggested retail. There is a entry-level version, Comp Road, at $150; and a higher end  version, Pro Road, at $285.

Shoe Review – Mizuno Wave Alchemy 11

Lightweight, cushioned and compatible with a variety of foot types, Mizuno Wave Alchemy 11 is one of my favorite shoes this season.

Shoe Review – Saucony® ProGrid Hurricane 13 vs. PowerGrid Hurricane 14

***Spoiler Alert*** Saucony® PowerGrid Hurricane 14 is nothing like ProGrid Hurricane 13. As the following video shows, Saucony® has converted their signature version 13, stability shoe into a cushioned, potato shoe. This change will affect every runner wearing version 13, who requires pronation control and support.

Alternative shoes to Hurricane 14, include Brooks Trance 11, or Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12.

My previous reviews on Saucony® ProGrid Hurricane, follow the video.

Saucony® Hurricane 12 vs. 13

Saucony® Hurricane 11

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Shoe Review – Asics GT-2170 vs. Asics GT-2160

For all of you Asics GT-2160 wearers out there, you will be very disappointed with Asics GT-2170. My following video review shows you how the 2160’s signature structure and support has been compromised, making the 2170 a much more flexible shoe. I have also posted a field review video of Asics GT-2170 which can be found here.

If you are a 2160 wearer you may want to try Brooks Adrenaline 12 or Asics Gel-1170 instead. My previous posts on the 2100 series follow the video.

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Shoe Reviews

At least once a day I get comments like this one:

Hello Dr! Thanks for such great reviews! Any chance you could review the new nimbus 13 for women? Thanks Much!

What most readers may not realize is the shoes I review in this blog are the shoes my patients bring in for their regular appointments.

The good news is my patients have brought in a lot of shoes (500,000+ and counting). The bad news is that if the shoes haven’t found their way through my busy Sports Medicine Clinic doors, I probably haven’t seen the shoes you’re wanting me to review.

This is the case of Asics Gel-Nimbus 13. Although I have reviewed Gel-Nimbus in the past, it’s because someone has worn them in and I’ve been able to thoroughly evaluate.

Unfortunately, with the demands of a busy practice, blogging and research, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day for me to fit shoe review shopping in at this time. Not that I don’t want to…I do. In fact, I’ve been working closely with my Shoes On The Brain colleague, Samantha Gibson, to develop a system to regularly go out, find and review the most popular running shoe makes and models and continue to educate readers about version changes that occur.

Until then, stay tuned. Even though I may not be reviewing your specific shoe. There’s lots of useful information I’ll be providing about others’ shoes, to make it worth your while.